Best Practices with Spry

It is always a good idea to code with best practices in mind and on page.

This page links to documents and samples we have that explain and demonstrate best practices, including web standards, progressive enhancement and accessibility.


Spry and Web Standards

Progressive Enhancement with Spry

Separating Behavior from Structure - Unobtrusive Spry

Validating Spry


Progressively Enhanced Gallery Demo

HTML Data Set Product Demo

HTML Data Set Gallery Demo

Unobtrusive Accordion

Unobtrusive Collapsible Panel

Unobtrusive Tabbed Panels

Unobtrusive Sliding Panels

Unobtrusive Spry Data page

HTML Panel widget with graceful degradation

The Spry Element Selector is the tool we use to unobtrusively create widgets and Spry Data pages. Its file name is SpryDOMUtils.js and the overview is here.

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